What is it?

When was the last time you checked the batteries in the smoke detector, or got a haircut or took the dog for a walk? Can't remember? Neither could I, so I wrote an app to keep track of things like that. Whenever there's an event that you want to remember, simply Mark The Time that it occurred.  

Need to be reminded to check those batteries in the smoke detector every month? Simply turn on notifications for that event, set it to 30 days and have Mark The Time notify you when 30 days have passed since the last time you checked. Have a cold and want to know when it's ok to take another cough drop?  Add a cough drop event, set the notification to 4 hours and let Mark The Time do the rest; you no longer need to remember what time it was when you took the last one. The nice thing about notifications is that, unlike a fixed alarm, they are based on when you mark an event. So, if you check those smoke detector batteries early (or late), the notification will reset to 30 days from that point.

Mark The Time also stores a history of all your events. Look back through your history and see how often an event is marked, or look at a graph of the time between each event and get an idea of how consistently you are doing a particular thing.

Mark The Time can be used for an almost limitless number of things, but here are some ideas:

Home Maintenance:

  • Checking batteries in smoke / carbon monoxide detectors
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Sweeping the deck/driveway

Personal Care:

  • Snacking
  • Taking medication
  • Haircuts
  • Exercise
  • Sleep management (when you go to sleep / wake up)

Baby Care:

  • Diaper changes
  • Potty training
  • Feeding

Pet Care:

  • Checking food / water
  • Taking walks
  • Cleaning litter box


  • Bill reminder
  • Balancing books


  • Arriving at / leaving work
  • Meetings
  • Checking in with client/boss
  • Breaks



  • Tap and hold on an event to add a time.

  • When looking at the details of an event, tap the title to rename it.

  • Use the graph to determine how consistently you are adding times to an event.  If the graph is trending upwards the interval between each time is increasing, if downwards the interval is decreasing.